We understand the ever-changing nature of the insurance marketplace and the associated cost for giving great benefits. Our focus is on providing your business with an employee benefits package that matches your company's vison and is appreciated by your employees. With our additional value services, we can enhance employee productivity while reducing absenteeism.

What We Offer

  Our Services

  • Claims Remediation
  • Education / Training
  • Employee Benefits Books
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Enrollment Services
  • ERISA Compliance
  • Federal & State Compliance
  • FSA/HRA/HSA Admin
  • Health Plan Consulting
  • Human Resources Services
  • Optimization Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Strategic Plan Consulting
  • Wellness Incentive Programs
Employees win with our personalized educational approach - teaching them and family members how to manage expenses by using tax saving vehicles and products. Meanwhile, our HR compliance services can protect a company from violating the law and help individual employees comply with business policies.

Our Services Defined

When a client has a large non-covered expense, we can help negotiate discounts on charges. Most non-covered expenses over $600 can be reduced especially if an immediate cash settlement can be arranged. Give us a call if you or an employee has an outstanding bill needing to be reduced.
All training starts at the top with the manager's commitment to endorse the message and reasons for employee education. We help deliver the message to each person based on their learning style from hands-on, personal one on one or visual platforms. We can offer a complete library of educational material that can be viewed 24/7 and track employee use. The endgame is to improve productivity and safety while educating employees on any number of topics.
We offer an online and print employee handbook that details your specific benefits for new and current employees. This is a one-stop reference booklet that an employee can turn to regarding the features of the program, the cost, the contacts for service and the troubleshooting of claims. Also included are the required public notices regarding state disability benefits, COBRA law, the ACA laws and other federal laws.
A company handbook is essential for current and new employees to understand the company rules and priorities. A handbook gives a reference tool for employees to understand vacation pay, overtime, maternity and family leave law etc.. The employee handbook can also put in writing the company's policies for phone use, internet, smoking policy, dress and other employee protocols.
The best way to explain your benefits and enroll them into plans when first hired and on open enrollment varies base on many factors including, multiple locations, employees working in the field, age and computer stills must all be taken into consideration for online enrollment, group meetings or one on one enrollment. Spouse education can also go a long way in making your company stand out as a best place to work designation. 1 Stop Benefits can offer many online platforms with or without payroll services and many that have no limitations to the insurance companies offering benefits. Innovative technology at 1 Stop Benefits allow us to offer fill-it & Use-it enrollment where an employee's gives the information once and the same information can be imposed on any number of forms with any number of insurance companies or products. The Fill-it & Use-it format allow us to shop the market each year or introduce new benefits and with a secure signature your enrolled. Think of thee convenience shopping auto, dental, health or any type of insurance.
Compliance is a must and the various Federal agencies have stepped up enforcement to gain revenue. We can keep you informed and give you the tools to comply. With the number of ongoing changes trust in 1 Stop Benefits to give you the updates on a timely basis. We can help, if you want protection form an ERISA compliance audit, need help filing and disbursing 1095c ACA forms, Medicare Creditable coverage, COBRA notices and tracking we have your back.
The laws are constantly changing and we offer expert advice on local, state and federal laws. Sign up for HR newsletters, use our library of knowledge, or send in a request for an expert opinion. On any day, you have a person to call or email about questions giving you more time to concentrate on your business.
Employees must be taught how to set money aside to cover expenses not covered by general health insurance. Employers need to understand the advantages of using various tax savings vehicles to partially self-insure or shift expense to the end-users. Employers need to leverage risk verses premium to cover upfront costs to achieve cost savings.
Considering that health insurance, workers compensation and unemployment costs are the biggest added expense to an employee compensation, management must be familiar with the types of delivery systems, how they are priced and what options will work best for any business. We will help explain the types of options from fully insured, managed, level, self-funded, MEWAs or PEO use. With the right delivery system expenses and absenteeism will be less, happier employees can be more productive and the company will profit.
Our clients are offered expert human resources advice through HR360. Job descriptions, aptitude testing to identify an employee's natural talent prior to hiring, and performance appraisals are all available plus much more through our organization.
When a separate set of eyes reviews the company's policies, office systems, computer services, energy use and logistics, savings can be pointed out and options can be implemented to reduce waste and improve performance. Ask for an evaluation.
Each group, employee and family has unique needs for which we are prepared to offer customized support. Price, age, demographics and concerns will be discussed when formulating a direction, implementing the plan and evaluating the results. We can offer various tools including surveys, responsive videos and smart phone services. We will review your success and adapt to optimize outcomes.
Implementing employee wellness programs has become quite popular, but you need to know what programs actually work and which programs your employees will use. Giving smart watches, smoking cessation benefits, or fitness memberships may fit some employees whereas financial training, student loan repayment, or college savings programs may benefit a wider segment of your workforce. The goal should be to reduce mental and physical stress resulting in less absenteeism and increased productivity. We can help you discover and implement the best programs for your employees.

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