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1 Stop Benefits, Inc. has been servicing small businesses and personal insurance clients in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania since 2002. We are a brokerage agency that works for you, not any one insurance company. We use our strong alliances to offer clients a larger selection of top rated insurance companies and services unmatched by others.

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  • We are committed to understanding your concerns and delivering reliable services as well as products at competitive prices.
  • We are a full-service brokerage agency working for you, not the insurance companies.
  • Our goal is to help you identify, evaluate and manage the risks that you face every day. By optimizing your coverages, we can enhance your financial protection for all types of loss.
  • We are your trusted advisor and are here to help you understand your insurance needs, while providing protection for those needs.

Client Testimonials
1Stop Benefits, Inc.
"Craig Chapin has gone that extra mile many times and his help has been invaluable."
William J. Lipkin
NJ State Federation of Teachers
Edison, NJ
"I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Chapin, and I was thoroughly pleased with his service. I never thought that I would be able to buy health insurance due to high rates elsewhere, but Mr. Chapin got me the right plan. Thanks!"
Gilda Reyes
Jersey City , NJ
"I have been working with Craig Chapin for several years. Craig has been excellent in offering services for our specific business needs. He is reliable, trustworthy and always responds to our questions immediately. Craig has really helped our company as we have grown and our needs have changed. I would highly recommend 1 Stop Benefits!"
Diane Mallee
Compression Components and Service, LLC
Warrington , PA
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1Stop Benefits, Inc.

1Stop Blog

The American Rescue Plan Makes Group Health Obsolete

Monday, March 11, 2021    Craig E. Chapin

American_Rescue_Plan.gifThe American Rescue Bill was signed into law on March 11, 2021, vastly changing individual health coverage subsidies. The new subsidies are fully funded for two years, but we feel this new entitlement will be continued at least while President Biden is in office. He ran on fixing Obamacare, and this is the first step. Planned or not, the savings are so significant that employers should consider canceling their group health plans and compensating their employees with the premium saving. An employer can eliminate complying with COBRA, and Family leaves laws. Employees would have a wider choice on plan design, dependents would not be cut out from subsidies, and employers would not have to comply with minimum premium contributions or participation requirements. The list of enhanced supplements and tax savings vehicles is broad and just another form of compensation. Some employees would benefit from first dollar benefits funding into a flexible spending account or health savings account. Others may want an accident, dental, disability, cancer, critical illness, life, long-term care, and vision insurance. Students may wish to pay off their student loans or want more reimbursements for remote offices, including cell phone and internet costs. All of these benefits can be offered on an employer or employee-paid basis. We have a system to educate workers and transition them to individual plans. Our program allows an employer to offer an online platform offering a complete package of customized services and supplemental plans. Studies show that employees desire benefits second to compensation. A more comprehensive choice of services gives small employers the upper hand when recruiting new help and retaining valued workers. Don't try to complete with Federal subsidies and use the savings to provide more first dollar benefits to your employees. Entitlement programs may change but generally never disappear. 1Stop Blog

Remote work can be beneficial for employees and companies.

Thursday, October 01, 2020    Craig Chapin

woman-working-in-her-home-office_Two_CasAssets.jpgMany workers enjoy the benefits of telecommuting, and companies are seeing an increase in productivity. Automation technology promises to relieve the stress workers experience from the bigger workloads due to the human labor shortage of higher-skilled jobs. Eventually, the economy will rebound, and you'll need to resume hiring additional staff. 1 Stop Benefits is helping our customers by offering the Ease small group onboarding and enrollment system at no cost. With more employees working remotely, you need to have a system to send job offers, highlight company benefits, and any employee costs. Your organization may also realize that recruiting might be easier when tapping talent from regions outside your location. With remote work, you may want to track time off, vacations and expenses. Our system collects employee I9, W4, direct deposit forms and allows employees to change their profiles. Educate employees with videos, graphic comparisons while enrolling into eligible benefits after satisfying any waiting periods. Special enrollment changes and address changes are easily implemented, tracked paperlessly. The Ease system can merge employee's data with payroll, stay compliant with ACA reporting, and add HR support throughout the year. Small businesses need to automate to reduce administration and save money. How important is it for you to eliminate paper, eliminate duplicate entry, and have data stored in one secure system with access 24/7? Would you like to give your workers more financial protection without time-consuming meetings? Let our trained consultants answer all their questions? Allow us to survey your employee's desire for health and financial wellness benefits. Ask for a demo of our services beyond offering quality health insurance. Does your consultant offer you a complete system to take the administration of benefits off your hands and automate services 24/7? The Ease system is easy to implement, and you can start with a call to 1 Stop Benefits. 1Stop Blog

Your Employees are being impacted by Financial Stress

Monday, February 24, 2020    Craig E. Chapin

Stress_Hurting_Work.jpgIn a 2019 MetLife report, one in three employees said that personal financial stress interfered with their job performance - and overall, employees flagged personal finance as the main source of stress in their lives. Every company should consider offering the One Stop Benefits Calculator to lower employee's stress levels. Employers reported a loss of $250 billion in 2019 due to employee stress. It's estimated that financial stress costs roughly 1,922 hours and $28,830 in lost weekly healthcare productivity in a company of 10,000 - that's 99,944 hours and $1,499,160 a year down the drain. Other studies show employers losing 11% to 14% of their overall annual payroll due to lost productivity and higher absenteeism. Not having an emergency fund is the top-cited worry for millennials and Gen Xers, while half of all employees across generations live paycheck to paycheck. Employees clearly see that their benefits are an answer to at least some of their problems: 37% of millennials said student loan repayment was the perk they most wanted from employers, while 30% of Gen Xers and 28% of baby boomers mostly wanted financial wellness benefits with access to financial counselors. Financial wellness is not a one-size-fits-all solution. While it's clear most employees share the desire for financial wellness benefits, there's no single product or service that addresses every individual's unique combination of financial stressors. Rather, the employer's goal should be to thoughtfully provide options, along with support, so participants can choose a frictionless path forward. A whopping 80% of employees want financial planning workshops or financial wellness tools from their employers, but only 20% of employers offer these programs. Providing education and advice may be a good place to start, but don't forget to take a hard look at products, services, and relationships with outside vendors. While most employees wish their companies offered student loan repayment benefits, yet only 4% of them do. All size businesses are affected, and this can be the number one reason employees are losing sleep, and that directly impacts your business. 1Stop Blog

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